Parents as Partners Online launches January 27, 2021 with over 50 video, audio, and transcribed talks for parents and teachers.

This series of short online videos for Suzuki parents and teachers will address such Suzuki-related topics as the parent-child relationship in practice, motivation, and practice tips and strategies for all ages!

Register now to gather fresh ideas on numerous Suzuki-related topics!

How it Works

  • We’ll email you on Wednesday, January 27 with instructions on how to access Parents as Partners Online.

  • New video lectures will be added each Monday for 10 weeks, and we’ll email you when new videos are available.

  • Videos can be watched on any web-enabled device: desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets—including iPhones and iPads.

  • Audio only “podcast style” versions can be accessed by clicking the “Podcast” button at the top of any Parents as Partners Online page.

  • Transcripts can be found through a link in the information attached to each video

  • Once posted, all videos can be watched online at any time until December 15, 2021.

How to sign up?

We can all sign up parents with a discount through our Shreveport Parents Association: all you need to do is to contact Mr. Charles at and bring $12 or pay using the button below. (If you sign up by yourself, directly with the Suzuki Association of Americas, the fee is $40 per parent.)