We’re excited to host the Summer Music Program at Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport! The program is a partnership between the Centenary Youth Orchestra and the Centenary Suzuki School

Get ready for days filled with exciting music classes, collaborative chamber music, skill-building, and the joy of making great music together! We cannot wait to witness the joy and growth that will unfold as we come together for a week filled with harmonies, melodies, and the shared passion for music!

The Centenary Suzuki Institute

June 5-8, 2024

A Suzuki Institute is a specialized summer music education program inspired by the Suzuki philosophy. Institutes typically offer intensive summer music training for students, parents, and teachers who follow the Suzuki approach. During the Institute, participants will engage in daily lessons, group classes, performances, and various musical activities, providing an immersive and enriching experience. These institutes are held globally and we are excited to offer one here in Shreveport!

The Centenary Suzuki Institute will be a full 4-day program. Several nationally recognized, professional musicians with Suzuki training will work with our students for masterclasses, group classes, and orchestra. Each student will have 4-5 hours of classes everyday. All advanced students will additionally be placed in an orchestra. We also offer extra classes such as fiddling and choir.

We accept students for VIOLIN, VIOLA and CELLO, for all Suzuki Book levels and beyond. However, at this time, we do not plan to offer a Pre-Twinkle class, the requirement for a student to be enrolled is to have Lightly Row polished.

Registration is now open!

If you have any questions regarding the Suzuki Institute, please contact Mr. Charles Regauer at cregauer@centenary.edu

The CYO Chamber Music Program

June 4-7, 2024

Experience the joy of making music with friends at the Centenary Youth Orchestra Chamber Music Program, taking place from June 4th to 7th. Open to musicians of all ages and instruments who can read music, this summer program offers the opportunity to refine your skills in small instrument groups, with assigned coaches and pre-class practice materials tailored to your age, grade, and skill level. Dive deeper into music theory through daily classes covering notation, key signatures, rhythm, and more, while also enjoying the addition of an orchestra this year. Cap off the experience with a formal recital, live-streamed for friends and family, followed by a pizza and soda gathering. From all activities to daily coaching sessions and snack breaks, immerse yourself in a week of musical enrichment and camaraderie. Register now to secure your spot and embark on a memorable musical journey!

Registration is now open!

If you have any questions regarding the CYO Chamber Music Program, please contact Mr. Dan at dsantelices@centenary.edu

Can you do both programs?

YES! It is possible to sign up for the Suzuki Institute and the Chamber Music Program at the same time. You will get the best of both worlds: with Suzuki Group Classes, Masterclasses, Orchestra and a Chamber Music Group. It is an intense music program, for five days (June 4-8), available only for Suzuki Violin, Viola or Cello students in Books 4 and above.

If you have any questions if this is the right choice, please contact Mr. Charles at cregauer@centenary.edu

Registration is now open!

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