Graduation Recitals

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 4:15 PM

Graduation Recitals are held once each semester. When a student has successfully polished the “Twinkles” he/she is eligible for the “Twinkle Ribbon.” There are trophies for children as they complete each Suzuki book, with each trophy getting a little larger (and in a different color) for completing a book. These recitals are usually on a Tuesdays in early November and mid-March. A group/or solo (if only one) performance of a selected piece will be presented by all those graduating from each book.

Students willing to graduate should meet three requirements:

  1. Every piece in the book from which he or she is graduating should be polished. An intensive review is encouraged.
  2. The student should be working on the second piece in the subsequent book from which he or she is graduating.  (Exception: Violin Book 5, 1st piece in Book 6)
  3. The graduation piece should be ready for a performance. Be prepared and confident to play it as a solo, even if you are not the only one student is graduating from that book.

This way, the student can be comfortable performing technically and musically, and those around him can also be comfortable!  We have had students who are just starting the last piece in a book a few weeks prior to the graduation recital.  Many times, they or their parents will “push” the child to learn the piece in the “nick” of time.  Please do not rush a child through, or the child will obviously not feel as comfortable on stage as those who have truly polished the last piece.  Remember, it’s not how fast you go; what counts is how well you play.  Trophies are awarded at the end of the recitals.

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