Program Policies


An important requirement is that one parent must be in attendance at all lessons for his or her child. The parent should take notes at lessons, so please bring your practice book, and of course your Suzuki Book.  Through these notes, you will be able to supervise at home. With our youngest students, we ask that parents be willing to learn how to play the “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” also! Some parents simply use the child’s violin, while others actually decide to rent a full-sized violin.


Lessons will start and end on time, so please be 5 minutes early so that this can happen. It would be helpful to have the instrument out of the case with bow rosined.

Missed Lesson Policy

Due to the full teaching schedules maintained, when a student misses a lesson, the teacher is not required to give a make-up. If the student gives the teacher 24 hours’ notice, the student will be put on a make-up list to call when and if there is an opening. If the teacher has to miss the lesson, it will be made up at a time convenient to both parties. Some teachers may provide you with their teaching schedule and student phone numbers so you may swap with a student on another day if you have a conflict or if you see your child developing an illness, etc. 

If you plan to miss your private lesson, please contact your teacher as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that the lesson will be rescheduled. It always depends on your teacher’s schedule and if there is another opening available. We cannot expect that our teachers will use their weekends, holidays, free time, family time or else to make up missed lessons.

Photos and Videos

We reserve the right to photograph and video students for training and promotional purposes. A Photo Release Form will be required when entering our school.

Group Classes

Group classes are an integral part of the Suzuki Method. We do not offer the option to “opt out”, and require all students to attend group classes. Students in CSS may not leave the program and study with a CSS teacher. For families who do not want the twice a week contact, it is recommended that they find a local private teacher instead of joining the CSS.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of an impending hurricane, ice, or any other harmful storm, the Centenary Suzuki School only cancels group or private lessons if Centenary College/and Caddo Parish closes.  If that happens, please check emails or text messages for particulars as both institutions are not always in agreement. Lessons missed due to weather issues will be rescheduled.

Illness Policy

Since music lessons tend to be up close and personal, it is important and courteous not to pass on illnesses during this time. We request that students or parents who have a fever, or who have had a fever within 24 hours, do not attend private lessons or group classes. Teachers reserve the right to not teach lessons for students who are ill or appear to be suffering symptoms of contagious illness like the flu, colds, strep throat, pink eye, etc. If you see your child developing an illness, contact your private teacher as soon as possible.

Concert Attire

For formal concerts, performers should wear nice clothes. Skirts must be at or below the knee. (Skirts look shorter from the audience level below the stage!) If you do not have such a skirt, please wear pants and a dressy top. No T-shirts of flip-flops.